2016 – A Year in Review

Reflections and Brain Dumps

2016 is finally over.

I know a lot of people will really feel me on that point, but I’m really glad the year is over. I didn’t have a bad year or anything like that at all, but the closer the end of the year got the more I couldn’t wait for it to come. I think 2016 was a really stressful and busy year for me, and I was just craving the fresh start a new year always brings. And of course, a part of that fresh start is reflecting on the year gone by.

In 2016, I graduated with distinction (woo!) from QUT, with a Bachelor of Creative Industries. I really loved my degree and I’m going to miss it quite a lot, but I’ve applied to study a Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing. Hopefully, I’m accepted into this course because I really love study, and I’m not quite ready to give it up just yet.

In terms of reading, I only managed to read 40 books. And I say ‘only’ lightly, because I know 40 is still a lot. There was a large portion of the year where I didn’t read much at all, so reading more consistently is something I plan on working on in 2017. While my original goal was to read 60 books in 2016, when I realised I wasn’t going to reach that I lowered it to 40 on Goodreads. I wanted to feel positive about reading 40 books rather than upset I didn’t reach 60. Also, one of my resolutions was to reread the Harry Potter books, and I only reread the first two. Whoops.

When it comes to writing, 2016 was both a good and bad year. I wrote the first draft of my YA dystopian novel for NaNoWriMo in 2014 and then didn’t touch it for the whole of 2015. In fact, the only writing I did in 2015 was things I had to write for uni. In 2016, I finally started to work on my novel again. I decided to pretty much rewrite the entire plotline, and in 2016 I wrote the first 15,000 words of the second draft. In hindsight, 15,000 seems like quite a lot of words, but I know I could have written a lot more if I put in the effort.

Other than that, I did a lot of cool things. I did an internship at UQ Press (which was absolutely incredible), I started writing for The Writer’s Edit (also incredible) and editing for Blaire Magazine (again, also incredible)!

So, what’s next?

This year, I want to read 60 books. I know a lot of people feel really pressured to read when they set their Goodreads challenge, but I honestly never feel pressured to read unless I have to read particular books for uni so setting a high goal is fine for me.

I want to review every book I read on Goodreads. Books I feel really strongly about might also get a review here, but I read too many books to give each an in-depth and dedicated blog post.

I want to write a monthly wrap up post that details my reading, writing and university (assuming I’m accepted!) progress.

I want to increase my consistency when it comes to writing things I don’t have to write. While studying I actually write a lot, but it’s usually only for assessment.I want to write more for pleasure.

*wipes sweat from brow* It feels good to dump all of those thoughts from my brain! Stay tuned for more.



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